Anyone get Lightburn running on a LO-E5 controller?

Hi all, I’ve heard that some users have gotten Lightburn to work on a LO E-5 controller (LightObject). Any details on success stories?

If you have one, download the LightBurn trial at and give it a try. Does not cost anything to see if it works. :slight_smile:

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Yes, please try it and let us know. According to the LightObject website it is “like the AWC608 and X7 controller, and they share the same software called laserCAD.” LightBurn supports those…

@chaoticmind - Do you have an LO-E5?

Hi All, thanks for the super fast feedback, what a welcoming community!

In LaserCAD (the software that LightObject provides with the laser machine) for USB COM, I see _AWC_08011015, does that additional information help?

Yep, I know about the free trial, thanks! wanted to see if anyone had more details to set up a LO E-5 so I could get it running more quickly and make the most of the trial period before diving in, plus, it’s for a work machine, hoping to hit the ground running as fast as possible, and minimize tinkering time, or, a wild goose chase =) My specific machine is a LSR-PRO530Z 40 watt.

To clarify, we have no idea. The process for you to find out is:

Install LightBurn, there is a free trial for a month as has been stated. Let it install the FTDI drivers for you during the installation.
Use the Find My Laser and see if anything comes up.
If not, try to define a Trocen/ AWC device manually.

Report back :slight_smile:

No, I have an LO-X7

Hey Ray,

Lightburn found my LO E-5 as a Trocen AWC 500 by 300! For the record, the LO E-5 is on a LightObject’s current LSR-PRO530Z, 40 watt machine.

So I tested the X/Y axis controls, and it works, do I now assume that Lightburn has also read my laser’s other parameters such as machine settings and manufacturers setting and is ready to go, or do I need to do anything else manually? =)

In LaserCAD I see an Export Machine Configuration ability. Can/should I import that into Lightburn?

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You’re over-complicating things. Just start using LightBurn!

LOL, I’ll take that as a “yes it’s read all the machine configuration in”

It’s not necessary, as all of that lives in the controller itself. LightBurn sends a stream of commands to the machine to tell it, “go here, cut to there at 40mm/sec, 20% power” and so on. The machine uses the internal configuration to execute the correct movements.

If you want to change the parameters, then LightBurn has to read them, but only long enough to present them to you so you can change what you need to, and write them back again.

Happy you’re up & running. :slight_smile:

I’m already happy with the crazy fast support, you da man! errr, or woman? :wink: Either way, you rock, thanks!!

Bought it! It sold itself, but I bet you knew it would! Thanks!

I have no idea what you’re talking about. :slight_smile:

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