Anyone interested in a RdWorks to LightBurn translator?

I was wondering how much interest there is for a RdWorks to LightBurn translator. Worked on it last year, then shelved it for various reasons, but since my “time” is up, was thinking of completing it, either as an Open Source, or a Web based application.

If it is web based, you simply upload a RdWorks formatted file, and it will spit out a LightBurn file.

If it is a program module, you could batch RdWorks files, and translate thousands with one whack.

The vast majority of the internals of RdWorks seems to port over to LightBurn ok, a few gotchas here and there, but I think those could be handled.

Also, would need some beta people to wrangle the inevitable program idiosyncrasies ( we call them “features”, others call them “bugs”. )

So, any interest?

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Hi Paul,

I’m interested but wondering what we gain from the translator? An rdworks file is about as simple as it gets from the vector side of things. Can you explainn your thoughts on why you think there is a need? Thanks!

A RdWorks formatted file is quite complicated, and I am not talking about the file sent to the Ruida Controller. RdWorks is a program that most people use to draw and then burn to the Ruida. Those files are not compatible with anything else. Some people have 100’s, if not more programs in that format, before they upgraded to LightBurn. It has been requested, though in low numbers, on the “New Features” forum. So, offering a translator may entice people to migrate to LightBurn, or if they are already it, migrating their programs with all power / speed / passes intact.

That would be a huge win for people migrating from RDWorks to LightBurn. I see that only as a good thing. Curious if you could go in both directions.

I initially thought you were referring to .RD files so appreciate the clarification.

Yes, I COULD, COULD go both ways, but I do have a loyalty to LightBurn and would rather not. A lot of my code I write for personal projects does export to RdWorks format as well as LightBurn… Though functionality, RdWorks has far less than LightBurn, so you possibly would lose a lot that way.

I meant it more as a method of interchange if you were to generalize this as an external utility. Your prerogative.

Thanks for your explanation. I never draw anything in RDWorks. It’s simply a gateway to the controller for me. It also exports back to Illustrator and I use the remove duplicate lines feature for some of my more complicated map files. Over the past two years, I’ve migrated hundreds of files into LB this way. I know I work differently from most - I really like your idea and would be happy to test as you go.