Anyone Need a backlit "Caution - Laser In Use" sign?

I was using this as an example to help someone out earlier today, but then I decided to just make it and well, here it is. Video link also demonstrates the out-focused line technique for dramatic time saving.

LaserSign_Caution_Filled_Version.lbrn (329.8 KB)

LaserSign_Caution_No_Fill_Lines_Only.lbrn (108.2 KB)


Great instructional post.

Awesome inspirational post.

It reminds me of this funny I recently came across



Just need to add at the bottom:
“Approach cautiously with remaining good eye!”

Very nice!
I use Smoothie. with smoothie you can configure a logic TTL signal which is fully on or fully off based on laser tube excitation. I have implemented this feature to my great satisfaction. I have added red led on top of the leaser head so each time the tube gets exited :slight_smile: it turns on even without any radiation output e.g - even if i power only 1% - this led turns on fully. i did so for making it clear an invisible laser is in action and to be careful not to stick my hands where one shouldn’t.

I did that before purchasing lightburn about 6 months ago as a safety measure.

Now, - Your sign made me think this over.
I am using M106 command which turns on my fumes extractor and my air-assist before job starts and M107 for turning these off, but i never thought of using this output for turning an alert sign. as hard as it is to admit - I failed in adding 1 + 1 :slight_smile:

I will add that soon.
Thanks for sharing.

A quick add-on with what i had in hand.
old fluorescent fixture with transparent red tape on it. the picture does not do justice - the red light looks cool.

You sure do love your gadgets @Squid . I can see your passion … Nice Job!

hehe :slight_smile:
With age I’m getting more and more lazy but if things are at the reach of hand - i do them. that’s why i keep old stuff while telling myself “I don’t know what this will be used for but it will definitely be used for something”.



From what? Not from my filming right? The lid was closed. Safety first! :grinning:

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You planned this, Look at you …multiple camera :movie_camera: documentary guy…:joy:

Defocusing saves a TON of time when applicable. Ive also used it for engraving quite often when working on large projects. Time is money.

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What is the material that you made that out of?

And it’s a horrible acrylic for anything else other than it’s intended use. Brittle, chalky, heavy, and takes more power to work with.