Anyone tried burning on terracotta?

Hi all.
I have been looking at how people burn images on white tiles with a 2W diode laser.
I have yet to try it myself, but I wondered if I could use a terracotta saucer maybe with terracotta paint?

Just wondered if anyone else tired this?

I will trail this and let you know the results, when ever I can get to the laser when my hubby and son are not using it.

As promised I tried lasering terracotta, am I IMPRESSED worked first go, no pre treatment just a cleaning with a dry cloth.

PNG image using 2W diode laser 95% power and 1000 speed, Greyscale.

This one was the base of a terracotta mosquito coil holder, which I already had and just wiped the inside with a dry rag. I imagine using terracotta pot saucers in future.

Good to know!
I will add this to my list of things possible to engrave

Add human flesh to your list.
I saw this one on fb and couldn’t believe my eyes. some do their best to stay away from the laser beam, others stick their hands intentionally.

People asked me often if I could laser something on their arm… And I always said … “sure but I bet you can’t hold your hand steady for that long!”

So I am impressed that he could hold his hand steady this long.
(And I won’t discuss sanity here)

Who knows. He might have wanted a simple single straight line but once lasing started…

Haha maybe he enjoyed it…

I did this to myself about 25 years ago! It was done with a 10 watt CO2 industrial laser using galvos. The company I worked for manufactured and serviced the systems. It was done in a fraction of a second, stung like hell but was superficial. It wore off in less than a day. Oh yeah, I am still married to Judi!

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Of course you’re still married to Judi - Who wants to be “stung like hell” again? :laughing:

10W meaning it is limiting to low wattage. some tattoo themselves using 40W and even 80W lasers. what if the laser wakes up on the wrong side of the (laser)bed?


The one that Squid posted… seems like it took longer than a second tho :wink:

just plain dumbfounded.