Anyone use Lightburn on a BLU100 from lotus laser?

I have a BLU100 lotus laser that uses what appears to be a customised variant of RDCAM on their own version of a RUIDA controller. I greatly prefer Lightburn and want to use it directly but the file formats dont match. If the controller really is a RUIDA under the skin then i believe it is possible to configure it to do so. I wonder if i am the only person with this specific setup.
What options guys.
The file format it needs is either .rld or .rd as standard


We just replied to your email:

RLD and RD are the normal RDWorks file formats. If you can use their stock software to draw a square and click “Save to UFile”, then send me that, I can tell you if it’s customized at all and whether LightBurn would work for it. There’s a decent chance it will without changes.

Hi Ray
I discovered that Lightburn has the ’ save to rd’ option. For some reason i had not noticed this before. It works perfectly and preserves all of the layer properties. I have made some test cuts and all looks perfect.
I will stick with using Lightburn and ignore their ‘Lasercut’ supplied option.

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