Anyone using LB to go to glowforge?

Our Thunder is down and I am trying to use glowforge to make my renders just to see them cut to look for mistakes. When I export out of LB to an .svg file and import it in GF I get a larger file (in Length and width) for the GF burn area. My files is about 18 inches long and has enough height to fit on the GF bed. When it loads in GF, I have to use the handles and shrink it down. Obviously it becomes smaller and loses my dimensions. I am sure I was able to burn stuff in GF before and my dimensions remained the same. I can’t remember how I did it.

Anyone have this problem. for some reason, my file is as large as the LB work area in the program. Even though my drawing isn’t the whole work area, I feel it is saving the extra space on the left and that is why I am having to reduce my size.
Cafe Front wall.lbrn2 (131.7 KB)
Thoughts? Can I use LB to design for GF? Can I set it up that way until we can get our Thunder laser working again?

You file is too large for the Glowforge. The max cutting size for a Glowforge is 19.5" x 11". Your file is 17.915" x 14.330"

Thanks. Our thunder is working again. I like GF, but it just doesn’t have the capabilities that the thunder has.

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