Anyway to divide/slice an image?

Hey there,

New to lasers! Having a great time playing around. I’ve been engraving wood in my studio and have a question I’m sure there’s a solution to. I prepare a file to engrave in Illustrator and save it as an SVG file. What I want to do it make images larger than the bed of my my laser by dividing an image, burning sections of the image onto wood, and cutting the wood after its burned an attaching the pieces together to create the final large image.

My question is, is there a way in LIGHTBURN to divide an image into 1/2, 1/4ths etc? Much like the divide slice tool in photoshop?

Any tricks like this would be really helpful to me!


No yet. We are working on image cropping but have no specific ETA as of yet as to when that will be available.

Cool thanks, guess I’ll figure out a work around through illustrator or something.