Anyway to see shapes

There are time I get the warning about “open shapes” when I preview or send to laser. Is there anyway to see those shapes, so that corrections can be made, or delete then so that the warning does’t happen each time?

Edit -> Select Open Shapes Set To Scan

Thanks…I did just try that and it’s selecting the words I had typed, but I don’t see anything wrong with them. Not sure what the problem is.

You can select them with that, then go back to Edit and select “Auto Join Selected Shapes”. Worth a try.

Or maybe close path is what I meant. I don’t know what I’m doing. Where am I?

Did that… didn’t fix it. It’s odd, when they are selected it makes a selection box bigger than my design, but I can’t find anything else.

You could share the lbrn file here if you’d like, and I’ll take a gander.

Or maybe close path is what I meant.<<

FWIW, there is an auto close tolerance variable in the settings dialog the might be affecting your ability to be successful when using this function.

Watsons barber shp 1_backup.lbrn (159.2 KB)

So it looks like in the top right corner there’s a rogue anchor or something. I deleted it. Then I selected Select Open Shapes, and clicked ‘Weld’ in the tools menu. That seems to have fixed it.

Watsons barber shp 1_backup.lbrn (219.7 KB)

EDIT: Weird that my file is 60kb bigger than yours, and I deleted stuff.

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Thanks…I can’t seem to find it on the original file, I have another file of the same setup just different lettering and it has the same open shapes. It’s driving me crazy, I have tried to manual select different areas all over the screen, but can’t find it. I appreciate you fixing it.

I finally found the little booger, it’s invisible and I have no clue what it is or where it came from. But I found it and deleted it. Thanks for the help!

Maybe @LightBurn can look at it and see if its a glitch or something else. I can tell you one of them was located about the middle of the scissors.

Thanks for sharing the file. It will be reviewed. How did you generate the file originally? Step-by-step description can sometimes revel information that helps tracking down issues.

Only thing imported was the razor and scissors, I converted it in .AI, the “shield” and lettering was done in LB.

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Extra, invisible “things” may have come over from the converted AI file.

That is a very good possibility. But one would think it would have shown up in the design. I don’t know though.

Not necessarily. Try to go to Object -> Path -> Clean Up… In Illustrator, and see if it gets rid of that anomaly. You can also go to Object -> Artboards -> Fit to artwork bounds and see if it includes that extra stuff in the artboard.