AP Lazer SN4024 Lightburn Support

Update, I talked with AP Lazer support and they said new lasers (ours included) come with the Ruida controller. So it would appear we can use Lightburn unless someone knows of compatibility problems with the current AP Lazers.

We have a AP Lazer SN4024 on order and have had many people recommend using Lightburn instead of the bundled Lasercut software. My understanding is having the Lasercut software means it is using a Leetro controller which Lightburn doesn’t support (yet?).

  1. Is there coming support for Leetro controllers?
  2. Can the Lightburn software be used to create a .dxf file that then gets loaded into Lasercut so that the end result (quality wise) would be as if the engraving job was done and sent from Lightburn?


I’m pretty sure that APLazer has switched to Ruida controllers on all of their new lasers they ship, which would mean there are no issues with using LightBurn. I have an older 1812 (Which always shipped with Ruida) and use LightBurn exclusively on it with no issues.

You can export .AI, .DXF and .SVG files out of LightBurn very easily, and as long as LaserCut or whatever other software you are using supports those formats as input, you could import them and cut from there.

If your machine is using Leetro / LaserCut then it wouldn’t be supported by LightBurn. If you have a machine that uses Ruida / RDWorks then yes, it will work fine.

From your original post it sounds like you have an older machine using the Leetro controller. You would need to change out the controller for a Ruida or other supported controller type to use it with LightBurn. Leetro support is on the roadmap, but it’s going to be a while - they work quite a bit differently than the controllers currently supported, and the PC host does much more of the processing.

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