Apple OS 13 Ventura

Has Lightburn been updated for the new Apple OS 13 Ventura?

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No, it has not.

so will the older version work or should I not update my computer? (apple Mac Mini M1)

Usually if they haven’t gotten the current software support for the new OS it’s unlikely the old software will run either. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Stick with the older os until lightburn is updated …


That’s unfortunate. Everyone wants the latest OS… lots of new features. But I’ll wait a couple weeks to see if Lightburn gets updated. If not I’ll try running it on the new OS, and if it doesn’t work anymore, I guess I’ll put away my laser engraver until the world catches up with the latest OS. That’s always a problem with companies that don’t sell their software on the app store for either windows or Mac. There’s just no accountability to keep up with the times. Maybe that staff member that answered my original question will have better news about the older version running on the new OS soon.

Lightburn seems to work on macOS Ventura, I run it on both MacBook Air M2 and Mac Studio. I use it with a RyxonKT332N (RUIDA) controller over LAN.


It works but is very slow to load files.

Mac Studio and Atomstack S20 Pro

What do you mean by “it is very slow to load files” - do you have an example of a file that you could share?

I just tried it on my Mac Mini with M1 processor running Ventura and it works fine and just as fast as it always was. Apparently Lightburn staff has never checked it yet so they don’t know it works OK.

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We don’t have any devices here running Ventura yet, so we haven’t been able to check it, and you did specifically ask if the app had been updated for Ventura, which it hasn’t. LightBurn is generally compatible with newer OS versions, but I don’t like to tell people something is safe unless I’m sure. :slight_smile:

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For me Lightburn loads even bigger project files (~4.4MB) in 73ms, according to the lower bar in the UI. And subjectively it loads super fast. Only the start of Lightburn it self is taking about 15s. Altogether it is not slower than before in macOS Monterey.

yes, I tried it first on my computer that I had updated (but not hooked to the Ortur LaserMaster Pro) to see if it would run. It did, so I updated my other Mac Mini M1 that I use to run the laser. I’m surprised you don’t have anything to try Ventura on? HOw do you develop the program for Mac if you don’t have a computer? Or is your computer too old to update to Ventura? Anyway, as you can see from the replies, it appears to work OK. I’m sure you’ll eventually have a few more updated features for the new OS. Thanks for your input.

We have a good number of MacOS machines, we just don’t have Ventura on any of them - big difference. Sometimes the newer versions of MacOS don’t play nice with the development software we use.

I got burnt by Apple with a G5 near the turn of the century… will never purchase another device from them …


The program starts to load and I get the spinning wheel for a second or so then the app finally loads. When I try to load a sample lib file and again the spinning wheel and finally loads the file. Everything seems to work as it always did before the Ventura upgrade except for the spinning wheel when starting and loading projects. I have unloaded all other files that normally load on system start hoping it was a ram problem to no avail. I hope this helps, just not used to the spinning wheel.
I have had LightBurn running for about two hours and it is running great, speed and response equals Monterey. I guess it was just messing with me. Technology is going to be the death of me yet. Have a great rest of your week.

There was a change made in the last release to hide files in the Recent Files list that don’t exist. If you regularly save files to a network drive, it might take a while for the software to check those ones. It’s possible I might remove that check if it’s making people’s systems slow.

All my user files are located on my external thunderbolt drive. I needed to preserve as much of the 512 GB as possible. Over all the program runs well after it’s been open for a few minutes. the longer it’s open and running the faster it gets. It seems as if it needs time to orent itself and get all the pieces together. It’s a great program and I am learning more and more everyday, drives my wife nuts. Thanks again for your response.

I’m running Lightburn on my MacBook Air using MacOS 13 Ventura. I haven’t noticed any issues since updating to the new operating system.

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Working well here with my MacBook Pro intel.

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I’m having the same issue of the spinning beach ball. every time I click on anything, I get the spinner. e.g. when I click on the square to draw one, I have to wait a while until it finally responds. thanks