Apple Watch band issue - question

The black band is the original band that came with the watch. Engraved great. I bought some from Amazon, it said silicone. You see the design and when wiped off you can barely see it. I changed the settings on the second one. No difference. Is their certain wording or types of bands I need to look for when buying.

Well, then, it must be true! :grin:

Opinion: To a very good first approximation, none of the randomly named Amazon sellers know anything about their wares, which typically range from beach balls to trailer hitches. As a result, they copy-paste (parts of) descriptions from one item to the next look-alike item, producing total gibberish after a few generations.

If you can find a seller with a pronounceable name dealing exclusively in the thing you want, perhaps a variety of watchbands and no beach balls or trailer hitches, then you have a better chance of getting kinda-sorta the same thing on two successive orders.

Then you have the opportunity to tweak the laser settings for whatever that material might be: it might not engrave like a Genuine Apple watchband, but you can get a consistent result.

IMO, the black bands look pretty good. The white one is … subtle … which is not entirely a Bad Thing™.


Yes. For example for wood plates or blocks, you can see basswood and balsa for the same item (I guess “balsa” is, in their spirit, a term for light wood. Or that’s just a marketing ploy to get more search hits!).
Impossible to know if acrylic is cast or extruded.
They can be imprecise on kind of metal.
And so on.