Apply path to text offset


I’ve designed a logo that i would like to use when i make items in my woodshop. i’m just having issues getting rid of unwanted lines. i don’t want to use the curve that my text is joined too. I do however like the curve of the text. is there a way to either delete the oval that my text is applied to, or just offset the distance from text to the shape?


Hard to say without a screenshot as reference but could you convert the text to a path so it retains the desired curve and then remove the line from the design?

There are a couple of ways, assuming that you did the text to Path in LightBurn.

  1. Right click on the text and select Convert to Path. The caveat is that this makes the text uneditable in the future, but you can then delete the oval that it was applied to.

  2. Select the oval and either put it in a different layer that you set to not output, or to a tool layer.

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