Apply Text to Path . . . and Mirror?

I’m burning into edge-lit acrylic for an award.

After I’m finished designing, I want to flip the text horizontally so I can burn it on the BACK side of the acrylic.

I type the text, draw the circle, and use the tool, “Apply Text to Path.”

And then I use the Mirror Selection.

But when I do, it not only flips the text horizontally, but also vertically (so that the bottom of the letters are flipped to the top).

No matter how I try to flip, rotate, or drag across, I can’t get it right – although SOMETIMES it works properly (I can’t explain that).

What’s even more frustrating is that when I do get it to turn out properly and GROUP it with the other elements of the design . . . and then UNGROUP it (for editing), it flips it bottom up and I cannot fix it, even with UNDO (Ctrl-Z).

What am I missing?


If you haven’t seen this already, might be helpful. While a bit dated, in this video, Oz demonstrates the details of exactly what you are after. :slight_smile:

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