"Aquarium pump" pressure

Now that I’ve already spent the time and money on converting to a compressor and bypass/low/high system, I decided to see what the aquarium pump style compressor provided for pressure.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002JPM91W is listed as a 60W, 70L/h pump and 0.03Mpa (4.5 psi). Hooked up directly to a pressure gauge, I read 5 psi. The no-name/unlabeled one that came with it also read 5 psi. So much for the “upgrade” :slight_smile:

General information for anybody thinking about doing their own air conversion.

Mate buy yourself a silenced air compressor 30 or 40 litres and you won’t regret it, it will make a very big difference to your cut…make sure you get a water trap as well

The point was looking back at the aquarium pumps vs using a compressor. :slight_smile:


You’re never going to find an aquarium air pump that will be able to produce the volume of air at pressure that a shop compressor 5 to 10 times its size can.

I just setup an aquarium pump onto a nozzle I’d made for My Lady’s xTool D1. It is ‘something’ as opposed to ‘nothing’. So now we can try this, with the “Air Assist” ON and see what we have for differences.

We have a number of actual air compressors here, (a few of which I’m making into airbrush compressors) and don’t have any problems with upgrading if needed.

My main point of all this blathering, is what is “needed” in ya’lls opinion? What works best, and is it in some ways ‘synonymous’ with the laser strength? (the more wattage, then the more CFM?)