"Aquarium pump" pressure

Now that I’ve already spent the time and money on converting to a compressor and bypass/low/high system, I decided to see what the aquarium pump style compressor provided for pressure.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002JPM91W is listed as a 60W, 70L/h pump and 0.03Mpa (4.5 psi). Hooked up directly to a pressure gauge, I read 5 psi. The no-name/unlabeled one that came with it also read 5 psi. So much for the “upgrade” :slight_smile:

General information for anybody thinking about doing their own air conversion.

Mate buy yourself a silenced air compressor 30 or 40 litres and you won’t regret it, it will make a very big difference to your cut…make sure you get a water trap as well

The point was looking back at the aquarium pumps vs using a compressor. :slight_smile: