Arducam 16mp camera calibration distance?

Hi all,

Looking to build an enclosure for my LM3 (850mm x 400mm), so wanting to get a decent camera.

Obviously don’t want to be limited in accuracy by resolution and a lot of posts seem to be pointing to the 16mb Arducam as a top end option, eg:

However the Lightburn software seems to be a bit limited in that the distance calculator only allows for lower res cameras (eg 5mp or 8mp) to calculate the right distance.

So I guess question 1:
Is it worth the 8mp to 16mp upgrade? I want to be able to precisely align things on my bed, so don’t want blurry pixels to be a problem.

Question 2:
How can I calculate the right height for the 16mp camera and my bed? (I’ll need to order off Aliexpress, so if I know the correct height, I can build the enclosure while I wait a few weeks for delivery)


Don’t bother calculating the height, do the Varifocal build. That adds a lot of effective resolution by allowing you to zoom in the limits of the field of view to match the limits of the bed

Sorry, what does this mean? If I’m building an enclosure, do I not need to know how high to make the lid to ensure the camera can see the whole bed?!

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