Arducam 16mp not getting full resolution

Has anyone been able to get full resolution out of the Arducam IMX298 16mp camera? My overlay is low enough resolution that I have a hard time seeing small items or details in it, yet if I view it in the windows camera app it is much, MUCH clearer.

Searching the internet I found several previous posts discussing this and the explanation that LB can not change the resolution so you get whatever the camera defaults to. I was able to find exactly zero information about changing the default resolution of the camera itself.

Strangely, I have seen several other posts on this forum from people having a hard time calibrating this camera and in those Oz mentions that he picked up a few of these to work with. So I am wondering if he has managed to get the full resolution of the camera himself.
Even though others seem to have had a hard time with it, I had no problems getting the camera to calibrate, I just can’t get a good clear image for being able to see anything meaningful at the detail level.

Notice in my screenshots how in windows you can read the ruler marks on my honeycomb and on the laser axis, but in LB they are just smears. Also note how blurry the lines on the cut are in LB compared to windows.

According to the other posts I found, when doing the camera calibration it displays the resolution it is pulling and that does seem to be the max resolution of the camera but it sure doesn’t look like it in the overlay. Additionally, when I do the camera alignment I can see the crosshair targets fine, but if I view them in the overlay they are blurry.

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