Arduino GRBL controller + 15W laser = low power only in Lightburn

Hi people
I recently got myself an 15W Arduino engraver off Aliexpress. After a few trials I managed to make it work, I can engrave with it in LaserGRBL, but that software does not provide me wit the capabilities I need to make my small projects. I need to be able to cut plastic sheets up to 0.5mm thickness with layers to be able to manage the cutiing order.

And here is my problem, Lightburn can do very well the job I need with nice round shapes and all, but even with 100% power set it cannot match the power output I get in LaserGRBL. Even if I set 4 passes it cant go through a 0.35mm black plastic sheet… Drives me nuts. I don’t know all the other specs (settings in the controller), but in LaserGRBL it supports M4 mode and if I increase the power setting it will be visible when working on plywood.


PS : this is the laser

Use the GRBL-M3 device instead of ‘GRBL’ - you likely have an issue with your settings, either telling the machine to go much faster than the firmware is set to allow, or something like that, but using the M3 driver tells the controller to use constant power, and not adjust the power according to speed or limits.


Using the Console window, check your $$ settings.

Write them down so you can set them back if necessary.

Try :


My power to my laser was real low until I set the $30 to 255. Now I get full power.



TY Tim. Meanwhile I sold it, got tired of trying to fix it. Got a CO2 5030 engraver with Ruida 6442S. Light years ahead :slight_smile:
It cost me about 6 times the money, but the increase in speed is amazing. An engrave that took about 1 hour or more I can do it in less than 10 minutes now

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