Are Student Licenses a thing with Lightburn?

Hi, I tried searching but couldn’t find anything relevant. Sorry if I missed it.
I’m studying my Master in Design and because of covid the access to the university’s machines are very limited. So now I’ve just bought my own laser cutter to use at home so I can get stuff done.

I’ve just started my trial period of LB, haven’t got it all to work just yet but working on it. It would be a bit above my budget getting a DSP license though, since I have a Trocen controller in my machine. Especially now since all my savings went into getting a machine.

So to my question, (finally)
Is there some kind of a student license I can apply for? Or if it’s possible to get some kind of discount? I can provide credentials that I am in fact a student, if necessary. I hate to come off as a cheapskate but paying 70€ right now feels a bit unrealistic.


Hi Vic,
may I ask what you have given for your new laser machine?

When I was in the planning stages of buying my laser, I did my due diligence and looked into what software I would be using and included that into my budget.
I just can’t imagine doing it any other way.
You have 30 days of free use, then just cough up the money.

Way more than I should’ve. All the savings from my summer job + a good bit above the monthly budget. I know what you’re getting at, the cost of the software is a small sum compared to that, but it still hurts.

You’re right, however I really did not plan for this to escalate like this… Was going for a K40 at first but since they’re crap without a lot of work and time and I’m stressed about a project + I got a good deal on another machine.
Anyway, it’s a common thing that software developers have student licenses for free or at a lower price. This ensures that they will continue to use their software in future work. So is it really that strange that I’m asking?

The Lightburn team is obviously who has the one and only true answer. :slight_smile:

However, having “been there, done that” with balancing the cost vs features of free vs commercial software, and being in the position of having very limited disposable income:

  • $80 is pretty inexpensive for any software, and especially for multi-hundred- to thousand-plus dollar licenses for laser/CAD/CAM software.
  • RDWorks, or whatever comes with the laser is free and will get you started
  • There’s potentially a lot of wiggle room on pricing when it is large company with the software license in the hundreds of dollars range. Lighburn is a small company with an amazingly feature-rich software for a ridiculously low price.
  • Use free to get you started, and save up for the license. Support the small company that also has expenses and mouths to feed. :slight_smile:
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Thx Rick for a constructive answer, and I agree with you. RDworks is definitely my go to alternative. So I won’t be stranded without any means of using the laser if this doesn’t pan out. I might as well skip lightburn (for now at least) and focus on just learning the software I actually can afford to use.
In hindsight I should’ve just sent a mail to the devs instead. Some ppl doesn’t seem to get that everything is more expensive as a student since our entire income come from loans

Sacrifice a few coffee/beer/pizza and you’ll have the license cost in no time. :slight_smile:

Doing things the hard way will to start will also let you “learn the laser” as well and apply those lessons to whatever software you use.

Vic, it’s definitely not meant to offend you honestly. I’m just asking about the price because you sure also lack a suitable cooler and an acceptable exhaust and it is at least as important as software. I hope you find the money for LigtBurn somehow because, LigtBurn is the best program for semi-professional use for relatively little money.
Regards Bernd

RDWorks will not run a Trocen controller - LaserCAD is the software provided by Trocen, so you’d have to use that.

LightBurn is intentionally priced below market value so that as many people as possible can afford it, which means we don’t have nearly the level of wiggle room the larger companies have. We’re actually going to be raising our prices when we reach version 1.0.

That said, if you send us your trial ID, I’d be happy to extend that for a while to give you more time to save.


Does it make me weird to +1 raising the cost of an item? :wink:

… great service, as always

be kind and raise the price not too much !!!, I am retired

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Oh yeah LaserCAD was the name of the software on the shady USB drive. I much rather install and learn a well renowned program like LB. I absolutely get that you don’t hve the same kind of wiggle room as bigger companies. And I really appreciate the fact that your pricing is lower for reasons mentioned. I wasn’t aware of it tbh but this alone makes me want to support you guys as soon as I can. This entire laser thing is still very new to me.

I’d love to take up on your offer, that’s very nice of you!

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I’m sorry I misunderstood you, it’s easy to interpret text based on your own thoughts. And you’re absolutely right that I lack those things. My “cooler” will consist of frozen PET bottles in the water tank. The exhaust is my main issue right now, I’ll vent it through the window but since I live in an apartment complex I will have to make a DIY filter box with active carbon and pray to the god(s) that it helps at least somewhat.

Not at all when the product is this good

It sounds familiar, I just bought a CW5000 cooler for 339 Euro, not an S&A, there was not enough money for it. But so far I am very happy with my choice. Now it’s over with running back and forth with ice blocks, thank goodness. I also plan to build myself a filter unit with activated carbon and pre-filter at both ends. But, it will cost a minimum of 500 Euro … one thing at a time

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