Array Not Following Grid

I am using the trial version 9.24. If I create an array of 5mm boxes (grid at 5mm), on the left side of the screen it works OK. If I do it on the right side of the screen, the boxes get out of step to the grid. I am new to lasers and this software so maybe I’m missing something here. See screengrab.
Many thanks for any help.

I just tried this and it works fine in both axis. However, although when you initially draw the square it snaps to the master grid corner, if you then move it by the centre handle it is very difficult to drop it back on an exact master square (set to 5mm). You need to zoom right in to see the sub divisions and then drop the centre handle exactly on the intersection of the sub squares and then it snaps to that. So not sure if you might have moved your original object slightly before doing the array.



Thanks David, I’ll try it on my PC as it has a bigger screen.

You have ‘Padding between edges’ set, so the most likely issue is that the object used to build this array isn’t a 5 mm or 10 mm size multiple. If it’s slightly off, it’ll amplify.

Thank you Rick, although I was using snap to grid so I assumed that the boxes were exactly 5mm square.
How do you specify how much padding, if needed? When I toggle between the two options, I don’t see any immediate difference.

Here I show an Array using “edges” and a second with all the same settings, but have that array set to build from ‘Distance from center’. Are you not seeing similar behavior?

Yes, it’s just the way I was looking at it. Being new to lasers etc, I was thinking that padding was something specifically related to lasers. If it had said gap between edges then it would have been clear to me from the start. Thank you Rick. Great program, just what I need, I’ll have to purchase it nearer the end of the trial period.

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