Arrow keys change Y direction when Continuous Jog is active - 2


My controller Trocen AWC 7824 and I heve 100% same problem, like that from 17 may, but only I have both axes inverted. Both X and Y.
The topic is closed without an answer and time has passed (this has not been fixed in the latest version), so I will raise the topic again.

When continuous jog is NOT ON the arrows move the laser head as expected, up arrow moves the the laser head toward the back, right arrow moves the laser head right etc.

When continuous jog IS ON the left and right arrows work the same, But the up and down arrows work the opposite, if i click the down arrow, the laser head moves towards the back of the machine.
The Y position updates correctly in relation to where the laser head is in both the Get position box and the “show last position”.

Interestingly, if i alter the machine settings and change the Y Keypad direction from Positive to Negative everything works perfectly in Lightburn, But now of course the Y on the machines keypad is flipped so this is an unsuitable solution.

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