Art File - File Location

I am experimenting with the Art File feature.

I created two libraries and added shapes and the shapes are stored when lightburn is closed and then re-opened.
The issue is - where are these files on the HDD ?
Tonight I created another Art File and a file Test.lbart file appears in the lightburn install folder.

2 Questions:

  1. Where are the two original files - they don not appear to be on the C: drive but the shapes appear in the Art File Window?
  2. I work on 2 computers, one in the office and one in the workshop - is there a way to share the Art Files other than manually copying them?



The LightBurn Art Library file default location is the same as where you install LightBurn, although you can save and load from any storage location available to you.

To find ones you have already created if they still exist, use the file searching tools for your OS and search all you storage location for “.LBART” to show all LightBurn Art Library files.

Each Art Library (.lbart) file contains all the stuff you add to it. If the libraries appear when you run LightBurn, those files still exist somewhere on your computer, and doing a file search like Rick suggests should find them.

If you want to use that library on another computer, you’d have to copy it there. You can use something like Google Drive or DropBox to automatically sync content between computers.

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I think I have found an undocumented feature !

When I stated above I couldn’t find the two Art Folders on my machine, that was true, however I have now found them.

By sheer chance when using my second computer and opening a file on the network server I noticed the two original “lost” Art Files in the network server folder where I had saved the design from the other computer.

Upon testing with my Windows10 install, when I create a new Art Folder it is saved in the same folder as the location of the last file opened.


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