Art Library Change setting on my projects

Why when I save a project to the Art Library, the setting are changed when I reopen the imported file?

The art library only handles artwork, you don’t save a project there.

If you modify a piece of art you imported from the art library, the art library copy is not modified. Only what’s on your workspace.

When you save the project you save your workspace and it will hold what you modified. It does not modify the art in the library.

Different operations occur when you import something… from the art library, it just reads it from your file system. Whatever is out there is what you get…

Unless I am misunderstanding your question. I think we may have a possible misunderstanding here…


If I make changes from the Art Library to a file, that has been saved in the Art Library. Even if I say “NO” to save the file. It appears that the Art Library is dynamical saving the file on the fly. Is that true??

Items saved in the Art Library are not dynamically linked to anything. They are a copy of the original used when you generate the library entry. Each time you use something saved in the Art Library, you get a copy of that saved entry.

No ‘laser settings’ are saved with this art.

If you want to have settings that work for a particular material saved for recall at a later time, look to the Material Library, which does have dynamic linking.

I think there may be a misunderstanding as to what the different ‘save’ options are. Saving items into the Art Library or a Material Library is completely independent of saving a project file.

I would like to come at this post from a bit of a different direction, if you are willing.

What are you trying to accomplish? Let’s start there. :slight_smile:

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