Art Library Files Gone

Today when I signed on to Lightburn, my two main Art Library file folders were gone. Has anyone encountered this?? Can you get them back. I feel sick they’re gone. Please help. Thank you

The library files are just files that you created somewhere on your hard drive. It’s possible LightBurn couldn’t open them if they were locked by a cloud backup service or something like that.

You should be able to click the “Load” button and just open them again.

After I hit load, then what? It just opens my files for my computer. I saved my files on the art library after I created them.

Thank you for your time

I mean in the Art Library window - hit Load in there, and you should be able to open the library files that you previously created.

Unfortunately that does not work. Those are files I saved, not images and svgs I created and added to the folders.

The library files you need will be named something like mylibraryname.lbart (mylibraryname is whatever you called the library). Those are the files you need to load from the Art Library Window. These .lbart files contain all the saved library graphics (such as svg files) within them.

I think you use a Mac? If you can’t remember where you put those .lbart files on your computer then use Spotlight to search for them. Press Command + Space to open Spotlight, then type .lbart in the box. Wait a moment, it can take a few seconds, and your missing .lbart files should show up. Make a note of where they are then you can open them from the Art Library. If you can’t find them then check in recent backups you’ve made of your Mac files.

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I appreciate your step by step instructions so much!!! Sadly - I still can’t find them. The only ones that showed up with the spotlight were the ones that are still in my art library. I appreciate your help so much though. I will try the back up. :slight_smile:

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