Art Library Folders

HI! How can I create a art library folder? It use to be where I hit import graphic and it went into the selected folder. Now when I create a folder, only the name appears in the folder, not the item I selected or imported.

I am using a Mac

What version of macOS and what version of LightBurn. I just tested again and am unable to reproduce the same. I can create a New library and Import Graphic from Project and have it work as expected.

If you click another folder and then back, does the screen now show the shape? What about a restart of LightBurn, does that resolve and now display correctly?

I have the newest version of Mac and I have the newest 1.2 and the one one before 1.0 of Lightburn. I can add images to folders that already exist just fine, but can not create a new folder where the images imports to it.

Please explain the exact step-by-step process you are trying. As I show above, the Art Library is working as expected here, and we have not received additional reports of this, so your step process might help us to better understand why things are not working for you.

To me, it looks like the folder ‘ORNAMENTS’ was created and has a single entry named ‘Family Tree’, yet is not displaying the thumbnail. Please restart LightBurn and show us an updated screenshot of the same view.

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