Art Library Graphics are broken

Hi All,

I tried to use the Art Library but all images are changed after “Import Graphic from Project”.

I tried the following:

  1. created the image in Lightburn and import from project to library
  2. created the image (svg) in Inkscape and added the image via Import button

I always get the destroyed image when I “add graphic to project”

Does anyone have a hint what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!

Markus, I do not think you are doing anything wrong, but you must indicate which version of LightBurn and which computer / OS you are using, and if applicable also your Gerbil version. You can and should also update your data in the forum member settings.
Otherwise, the Lightburn people do not really know where to start.

I just tried your issue on my system, (MacBook Pro, MacOS Big Sur, LightBurn 0.9.20, K40, Gerbil 1.1f) and found no issues.

Thanks a lot!!
First I have updated my profile information, thanks for the hint!

Here are the missing informations:
Arch Linux 5.11.1, Awesome WindowManager (no Desktop)
AppImage: Lightburn V0.9.20

Lasercutter and Controller:
80Watt Red-Black Chinese Lasercutter
Ruida Controller:
Firmware-Version des Mainboards: RDLC-V15.01.12

I have no Gebril version installed. I dont have a clue what it is so I will check this out.

Thank you for your help!

no, you do not need it, your controller does not use gerbil.
I go down to my workshop and try the problem on my Linux Mint computer.

You are awesome!!!
Thank you for your help! I really much appreciate this!

I believe you are hitting an issue that Bernd actually helped find - If you change your locale setting to English, so the system is not expecting commas as decimal separators, it will work properly.

This has been fixed for the next release - it’s just an error in loading the file, not saving it, so the content is actually correct, it’s just read back incorrectly when the locale setting tells it to look for commas instead of decimal points.

Markus, on my Linux Mint (latest version) I do not have “your” problems with corrupted art library files.
I have had a problem for a while with the new lbrn2 file format, here my files were a bit like your art library files, I was missing some details.
I’m sure the wise guys from LightBurn will take over here when they show up for work.

… I knew it, I’m just too slow :laughing:

That’s it, thank you!!

I changed my locale from de_DE-UTF-8 to en_US-UTF-8 and everything works expected.
And you are right, all of my library items are correct. That’s great because I built my library with 60 images and I thought I have to rebuild it again.

Thank you for your help!

Not only the software is great also the people behind!

Bernd, thank you for your help!

You responded well to my post despite not providing basic information about my system and software.
That was very nice of you!! Thank you!

In the future I will allays provide these information which is indeed the only way to solve problems.
I worked as a Network Operations Engineer and I used to get upset when someone did not provide any information while troubleshooting.

I think that’s karma :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!
Have a nice evening and all the best.


thank you for the nice words and you are very welcome

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