Art Library is empty

I have installed the updated version of the Lightburn on my macbook bro but the Art library is empty.

This is a screenshot from YouTuber that has a long list under the Art library . I am wondering why my Art gallery is empty

… you have to fill it yourself

But in the previous version there are all these items in the Art Library

LightBurn has never had topics in this library. You are supposed to fill the library with the topics you like.

LightBurn provides features allowing you to build Libraries of art assets as described here:

We do not provide content to be stored within these libraries as identifies. You have the tools to build libraries, the content is yours to fill in. :slight_smile:

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If you had art in your art library, you would have put it there. If you click ‘Load’ you can load art library files you have already created, but again, those would have been populated by you - we do not supply an art library, and any graphics you’re seeing on YouTube were added to that user’s art library by them, not us.


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