Art Library Issues- not able to save

I have been MIA on using my laser for the past year, so I had to renew my license and update the version on my computer. I though the previous version had stock library art that I could choose from? Anyways, when I select art library, there are no stock photos and I’ve been unable to figure out how to save an image to my library for future use. I have taken a screen shot of the image I’m trying to save to the library directory. When I select “new”, the only options I have are to select a drive where a .lbart (art library files) can be selected. Can you help?

No. LightBurn has never had stock art.

Try these steps:

  1. Create a new library by pushing “New” and saving to a file. This only creates the library to which you can add art but does not add the art.
  2. Click on your design so that it becomes selected
  3. Click “Import graphic from project”

The design should now be saved in the library.

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That was super easy! Thanks for the quick reply.

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