Art library just floating around ,

High all, when I tick the art library button I get a floating window. However it doesn’t seem to become a fixed window on the bottom right or a tab, any ideas? Hope I’ve explained my issue enough. Thanks.

Have you tried clicking (and holding) on the banner beside the ‘X’ (it’s probably white, not colored), then while HOLDING, drag it over to the window underneath Cuts/layers … Move … Console etc… until the background turns color, and let go?

I shall try that this evening. Thank you :blush:

This was produced some time ago, yet the concepts remain the same. :slight_smile:

Reset the window layout - Tips and Tricks - LightBurn Software Documentation

Sometimes a window gets shoved off the screen or positioned in a way that makes it hard to find, or move. You can reset the window layout in LightBurn in two different ways:

  • In the Window menu, choose “Reset to default layout”. This will undock all windows, and re-dock them in the default order.
  • If that doesn’t do it, restart LightBurn while holding the Shift key - this skips restoring the saved window layout, and always works.

Thanks for the help, all sorted now.

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