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Well, some time ago I had a major hardware failure (about 6-9 months ago).
One of my major losses was my collection(s) of artwork. I had thousands of them.
I’m currently struggling to find any on my system now.
I was wondering if anyone has an art library they are willing to give away a copy (copyright withstanding). Or if someone knows of a good site or sites where I can build up my materials again.
I do have a batch of CD’s with some old IMSI graphics on them, but I don’t have a converter that will convert all the .wmf files to .jpg or .png.
Can anyone give me some help on either of the above please, that is, graphics or a converter?


Google is your friend. :slight_smile: You can search for art in many forms.

And there are sites dedicated to the collection and presentation of many of these works.

Inkscape will load .wmf files. You can use that to save to .svg. WMF is a vector format to better to stick to SVG or other vector rather than .jpg or .png.

I don’t think Inkscape has an easy way to batch the conversion although I may be wrong.

There are online converters for this as well. Here’s one example that I know is often used as a plugin to Google Docs for conversions.
WMF Converter | CloudConvert

Hi Rick, Berainlb,
Thanks for your input.
I will follow both up a bit more later.
Still hoping to find a bulk download or a batch converter.

Looks like there’s a Github project that allows for batch conversion using Inkscape as the engine.

Batch converter for windows using inkscape and the command line · GitHub

Thanks, berainlb,
That’s tomorrows job now. But it has possibilities.
This pack of CD’s has only got 150,000 clip arts haha.

That’s quite a bit. You may want to consider using the link that @Rick linked. Would be easier to search for what you need rather than trying to browse through 150K of clip art.

Do a search for “wmf to jpg converter” You will find a considerable amount of converters out there for free… Perhaps not batch capable, but, will help start that collection back up. And also remember that no file is really deleted… You can usually recover files that are deleted with a utility, unless you purposely wrote over the area… but if you catch it early, a bunch of files should be recovered fromt he disk. There are plenty of free programs out there that can do that trick as well…

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Thanks reply
Yep, I thought that till I remembered that I have a couple of books, somewhere, which have all the pictures in and the filenames and locations.
Just got to find the books and a method to mass convert now haha

My loss was totally irrecoverable. With windows 10 I had a regime of backing up every night for my daily workfiles and once I month I would backup photographs, and graphics. I had 10 monthly backups sat there taking up some considerable space. Both physical and data wise.
I was so confident that I have a foolproof backup system that it came a a total shock to find that every single file on my backup NAS was totally useless and could get nothing back from it.
Was I cross? NO, I was blooming furious.hmm. My photographic library went back to the 50’s. each year taking more photos. (yes I had converted them all to digital and yes I still had their originals pheew)
But I had a massive hole from when I got my first digital camera, can’t ever remember what year that was now, I think it was mid 1990’s, maybe 1996. Through to 2002 ALL gone.
I also used to have masses of CD/DVD’s Every single one was corrupted in one form or another.
Miffed? NO, I was blooming furious. ha All that time and hundreds of RW CD’s and DVD’s.
Well anyway I had a couple of ‘experts’ look at it. We all came up with the same conclusion.
Arghh! Nothing could be done.
I’ve almost got over it NOT.
WARNING: Check your backups are working!

Wow… I almost had to do a double take to see if I wrote that reply … I’m pretty much in the same boat …over 80,000 photos spanning the 50’s through current, film, slides, digital… most on the NAS. Have had crashes that I could recover from easily ( with pain, but recovered… ) Have lost a few… ton’s of DVD’s and CD’s with photos on them as well. The only sure foolproof backup is two NAS’s and NOT in the same building… I do feel your pain. Hope you can get back most of your memories…

Thanks for the reply Paul,
Well sadly I’m only getting the odd photo back from relations or friends, but most of them it’s after they pass and my nephew’s and nieces don’t want them.
Not enjoying this ‘getting old’. Working hard to get my photos sorted out so that I can pass full sets on to my kids. Yes I’m now on two NAS’s. I have also purchased what seems to be a better package to make backups on. Slightly more complicated that the other was, but I’ve been doing lots of checks after backing up etc…
Thanks again for your comments

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