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Can we have a way to set your Lightburn Art Library folder so when you create a new library it automatically goes to that folder. If this location is not set by the user then a file save dialog will be the last location. Current, it defaults to the last location so when you import, you have to toggle back and forth to much. Then the IMPORT can go to last folder and the create new goes to the library folder.

When you have a lightburn art library open, allow multi-select of the graphics to import into the project or delete. Deleting them or selecting them one at a time sucks.

Categories, although you use folders and library names for categories, it is way more convenient to create a library name then allow categories within that name. Initially, some may feel it works the same but it really doesn’t.

When importing items into a folder, it looks only at the first part of the filename and not the extension, so and test.pdf and test.jpg are all considered duplicates. Next, it says Name already exists, what would you like to do (choices). It would be way better if it told you the name “TEST” already exists, would like to (SKIP, RENAME…)

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I’m here now to suggest the same thing. I found this in my search before I started a new thread. I have a bad habit of creating a new library but forgetting to move it to my library folder so later I need to go search for it and move it. Being able to set it in the settings would be awesome.

Thanks Gene.
Either very few people use the art libraries or very few have used them extensively or they would at least comment. I think it’s more noticeable if your trying to setup one for the first time and adding and deleting until you get a good schema going. Otherwise some may never really notice it. The Duplicate file on multi-import really needs to be more descriptive though.

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