Art library title edit or delete?

Hi everyone,
If I want to edit or delete an art library heading (like basic shapes) how do I do that? The art in that folder, no problem but just the name of that folder?
Thank you in advance.

The naming convention of your Art Libraries can be managed from your OS file management tool. Art Libraries use the ‘.lbart’ file extension, and you should be able to name these files as you’d like.

In LightBurn, you ‘point’ to the libraries you’d like available while working. You can ‘Load’ or ‘Unload’ these files at will, from the ‘Art Library’ window (near the lower-left side). We do not currently provide a way to edit, rename, or delete these art files from within LightBurn.

I use emacs with nXML to edit the xml files.

You didn’t specify the OS you use, mine is Ubuntu Linux.

I’ve use emacs for a long time, so it was a natural ‘way to go’ for me.

Here is the GNU site


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