Art library won't load saved files

For about 6 months since I had lightburn I didn’t have any issues. About a month ago the files from the Art library where I was storing all my work(lesson learned) started disappear/not loading.
Here’s what started to happen (first only one folder was affected now at least three):
When I’m saving (Importing Graphic from Project) a new file I’m working on it seems to be saving but later when I’m coming back to that folder I see only names of the projects that I can’t open and some projects that I can open are half of the icon displayed and no name. In the folder structure I see that duplicates of the folder were created but are empty when I try to load them. The same thing statrted to happen to more folders.
Any idea on how I can save/retrieve those lost files? And any suggestion on how I can avoid it (Besides exporting every single project I have right before I lost them).?
Please see scren shots.
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 9.19.27 PM

Unless you have a backup of the file I think you’ll be hard-pressed to recover these. You could attempt to open the file to see if there’s an obvious break in the file structure to see if you could repair it but I suspect the issues could be extensive.

In terms of root cause, are you possibly storing these files on a cloud drive of some kind? If so, that’s known to corrupt LightBurn files.

Argh, yes I was storing them in iCloud so I could access them from both of my laptops (one for laser and another that I create files on).
Thank you for your reply, I already moved whatever is left out of the cloud.

Im having a similiar issue, but I am loading the .lbart into the right location with the right method. The File shows it contains 17mb/ But when I load it, nothing appears. Only this library isnt loading, and it has been working fine with no issues until now

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