Articulating arm

I made this articulating arm to hold my fume extractor hose for my soldering station. It’s finished… in its first version. It has axial rotation, axial indexing, double joints and single joints, and a ball joint! It does lack rigidity and the turning is a bit stunted by ends rubbing, but those are easy to fix. I’ll change to a 3-4 instead of a 2-3 setup, add fillers between the lengths, and round the ends a bit more. Tada!

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I like it all but the ball joint looks a bit shakey. Is it really needed? I especially like the finger joint hinges. Strong and plenty of friction to keep things in place.

The ball joint is very easy to move, but it’s strong enough for my exhaust hose. I’ll be making another for my microphone, I won’t use a ball joint there. It’s too weak… Or if I do, I’m adding sand paper lol