Artifacts in burn on tumbler

Any thoughts on what these artifacts might be - the lines at the S, R and small S? This is a vector designed in Illustrator and converted to a .png which I then imported into LightBurn. Set the image type to newsprint to get the fading in the overlap, but then found these damn lines in my test cut. They are definitely not there in the vector or visible on the image.

You shouldn’t convert from vector to bitmap - LB reads AI files, as well as PDF, DXF and SVG.

If it happens repeatedly, there’s some stray line in your source. If it’s intermittent, you may be running too fast.

You can check without burning through fresh tumblers by using masking/transfer tape and running your power as low as it can go, but at the same speed you normally run the job at.

If I don’t convert it, how do I get the “shaded” sections where the W overlaps the J and A? I used newsprint for the image and like the look. When I burned it at 10% (about 4 mA) it was still too dark. I can test some more, but I don’t think my K40 is capable of going much lower.

It must have something just glitching with the laser of rotary, it didn’t happen again.

Who mentioned converting anything, other than you? I was describing how to save material.