Artifacts When Importing DXFs

When importing DXFs into LB, I have had several problems.

The first problem is a degraded quality. When importing a grid of 169 small icons that will be engraved onto something, the lines are more jagged than they should be.
Here is what the DXF looks like in a third-party CAD software:

And here’s what it looks like in LB:

This happens when I import all 169 of them. But if I import just one, the lines are much more smooth.

But, if I import one of them, I get strange artifacts.
For example:

Sometimes it is worse than this. But that is essentially what it looks like.

And sometimes it is even worse. Instead of importing the shapes, I get infinite lines that end up looking like this:

I found that in 2022, @LightBurn had discovered this problem and was working on it. (Odd DXF behavior in Lightburn, from Solidworks files - #12 by LightBurn)

I have double-checked my DXF import settings in LB. And, I also tried the steps mentioned in LightBurn’s post. That is …

No luck there.
Thanks in advance!

Can you share one or more of these files? You said if you import all 169 of them you get different behavior that if you import just one - are they all in the same file?

For pretty much any file / import related issue, we need to see the file itself to figure out what’s happening and fix it. If the file is private and/or you don’t want to post it here, email it to and include a link to this thread so we know what it’s about.