Ask for help from the Lightburn development team

Hi, the purpose of this topic is to get help from the Lightburn development team. As I said before, I am developing GRBL on a 32-bit mcu. The good news is that it has been flawless so far. I have decided to add a jog handel to make it easier to control the machine. Like this:

i have done the LCD coding and everything is fine,I checked its performance by connecting to lasergrbl software
(Of course, it is not the original version, I have developed it a bit: Persian language has been added, CAD environment has been added to draw geometric shapes, camera part has been added for image processing) Coordinates are displayed correctly on the LCD in all conditions. But there is a problem with Lightburn ,in lightburn everything is fine after starting the first job, but after finishing job or stopping job or restarting,after that the coordinates of the machine on LCD are no longer updated,I do not know what Light Brun actually does to cause this problem?
Since my main goal is the best performance on Lightburn software, so I need your help, thank you🌷

If that LCD is managed by your controller firmware there should be nothing that LightBurn can do that would prevent it from updating properly. LightBurn just streams GCode to the controller - there’s no magic there.

How is the LCD update handled from your controller?

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Well, I worked on the code a bit more and finally managed to update the values ​​on the lcd without any problems.
Thank you, Mr. OZ, for your guidance