Aspire vectors usable in Lightburn?

I just purchased a new laser that will come with a Lightburn license, Ruida controller for a Thunderbird laser. I’ve used Vectric Aspire software for designing vectors but for my current laser, I have to export the file as a common format (.svg or .pdf) and assign a .25 point size to the path in a program like Adobe Illustrator, does anyone know if Lightburn will recognize an Aspire file without the intermediate point size change? Aspire works well for me to support design work for both the CNC and laser. Thanks in advance.

If by “Aspire file” you mean one of those svgs or pdfs, then yeah it should work. Lightburn doesn’t care about line widths I don’t think.

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Thanks. Will download the trial version and see if it works. Would be nice to not have to do the intermediate step. If the layer colors hold up, then it will,really be nice!

Aspire can export dxf - I have Vcarve pro for use with my cnc router and find I do a lot of design work in Vcarve then export to lightburn , Vcarve has a slicker interface especially when doing things like node editing which I find awkward in Lightburn. BTW unless you need the 3D stuff in aspire Vcarve pro will do most of what Aspire can


I have Aspire. Vectors exported as SVG, DXF, or AI will all import directly into LightBurn without issue. LightBurn ignores line widths, so that’s not necessary to change.

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Thanks to all, I downloaded the trial version, did a design in Aspire and it imported as a PDF and recognized the vectors perfectly. I use different layers for the different vector colors in Aspire and they look great as well. This looks like it will be a real step forward. I might find Lightburn as easy to use for design as Aspire but comfortable with it already. I will try the other formats as well. I was able to export the Lightburn file to my current laser and it recognized the line widths as well so can use this approach until the new laser arrives. Thanks to all for the replies/help!

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