Assign hot keys to stuff

Is there anyway to assign hotkeys to more tasks? Let’s take “Fire” for example. Can I assign a hotkey to this?

As far as I am aware hotkeys are set by ‘Lightburn’ and cannot be user defined

Understood. Hoping this might be something that could be changed. Let me explain why. My laser is across the room from my computer and what I’m hoping to do is connecting a StreamDeck to my system and having the ability to control certain tasks via this controller. If the hotkeys are not available then I might have to see what the GCODE is that is being sent and hijack the machine that way. Just more work on my side but still possible I think.

I am with you on this. There is a ‘feature suggestion’ already in place

Up vote it :+1:

Well just so ya know, the GCODE idea worked :wink:
So at least I can bring up the command tab with my cursor in the text box and run any commands I want from across the room.

Fire On - G1 F100 S50
Fire Off - M5

Excellent, glad it worked for you :smiley:

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I didn’t follow this. Where are you bringing up the command tab?

Here’s the work flow.
Let’s say I want to align the laser to something on the bed (which happens all the time)
I want to turn on the fire button and move the laser around with the buttons (could use burn from current location but leave that out of this example)
When the laser was sitting right next to me I could just look at it and make the movements but now it’s across the room because of the ventilation setup
To do this I can now click on the console tab (the one that allows you to enter in GCODE and see GCODE
From here I can use Stream Deck to enter in commands from across the room
Works perfect

Thanks for the explanation.

So you place window focus on the entry field in Console, then you have pre-canned commands configured in Stream Deck that will “type” the commands into the entry field?

I understand this might not be for everyone but it’s exactly what I was looking for.

There may be a really easy answer that gets you a similar result.

Click the Frame button (of choice) four or five times in a row. The frame commands seem to queue-up and should slowly, repeatedly frame your piece giving you time to move and make adjustments.

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