Assistance please

I started a new job. Every time I start it, it moves to the bottom right and makes a single line about an inch long and then stops.

All I get is this:

Starting stream

Layer C00

M109 S1

M96 S0

M110 X1Y1Z1

M7 S0 N1 D10


M15 A0 S3


On or near line 0:

[MSG:Pgm End]

On or near line 0:

Job halted

Stream completed in 0:05

In LightBurn, click File, click Save GCode and save the file somewhere convenient. Drag and drop the GCode (.gc) file into a reply here. I’d like to see if a Cancel command is being emitted by LightBurn.

Which xTool Device are you using?.. Is it happening for both S1 and M1?

What is the Firmware version number that you’re seeing when you first connect to the xTool Device.

Block.lbrn2 (664.9 KB)

I have only tried it on the S1 since that is the tool I need to use for this.

[xTool S1:ver V40.32.007.2025.01 B6]

That is the Firmware version maybe?

We’ve got LightBurn 1.6.00 in Beta right now and it seems to be working. @JoeSpanier has the xTool S1 on his bench and is testing the new code.

I can’t offer the Early Beta… we usually need to pound on it for a couple of weeks before we release it.

I’ll ask internally.

the ALARM flag in your snippet tells me something is up with the machine. Maybe a door switch or a fan isn’t spinning. Something is making the machine go into ALARM mode and stop the program.

I don’t think the 1.6 beta is going to help this. Once I hear back from a couple more testers I will be up for releasing it wider.

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