Atezr 24 W G Code locked out during alarm or jog state

Mmmm, those errors are odd
I know some members of the forum have Atzer they will be able to help but all “obvious” things we went through

Lets wait a bit to see if anyone in the mind hive can give some insights

also. not a bad idea to reach the brand support at the same time

I reached out to Atezr a little while ago. Should hear something in a day or 2 hopefully.

Hopefully someone will see this and know something. Thank you VERY much for trying to help.

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The 4 wire connector on top is for the laser. The one on the side is for the auxiliary positioning cross and focus switch. Leave that one connected.

I have not encountered those errors.

There are four connectors plus air tube that connect in that area. The Z motor connector and the upper z limit switch connector plug in under the Z motor trim/cover. The laser power and signal connector plugs into the top of the laser module. So does the air. The focus switch connector plugs into the “wart” on the side of the laser module.

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