Atezr L2 36w issue

Hi. I have new L2 36w engraver and the autofocus does not work. I have wood under the micro switch so that part is correct. When I go through the onboard menu and try autofocus the Z axis motor locks up and the unit freezes. I have also tried the autofocus macro in light burn and grbl and they do the same thing. If I start the autofocus process and spin the Z axis thumb wheel, the auto focus will start and usually work…but only if I spin the wheel by hand. I have contacted Atezr and went through a week long process of useless question from them and gave up. I’m at my wits end…please help. Heres a video of what its doing

My Z axis guide rods were way out of whack. I completely disassembled the axis and re-aligned and tightened everything, then put a tiny bit dry lube on the rods and threads. Smooth as butter now.

This will get you started…

Some or all of this may also be helpful…

The YouTube guys say you can assemble these in like 30 minutes. They never mention the 30 hours of troubleshooting and repair to get it working right. Lol. I swear they get ringer units.


Thank you. Ill take it apart and see what i can find. I agree…the youtubers are getting fine tuned machines and we get a box of parts :slight_smile:

Thank you for this. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Here’s last night’s reply from support… I have sent them the video 3 times now…

Thanks for your message.
My pleasure to service for you.
Would it be convenient for you to present the problem through video? This is how we can confirm if the motor is malfunctioning.
Yours Sincerely,
Customer Service Department

Mine did that. Your guide rods are probably poorly aligned. Loosen them top and bottom, run the axis all the way up by hand, snug the top screws (not tight), run axis all the way down, snug those, run up again, tighten the top ones, run down, tighten those. Apply a drop of lube (I like dry Teflon chain lube) to lead screw and guides, then run it up and down a dozen times. There’s a certain amount of “feel” to do work like this…

If you’re really concerned (or anal. Like me.) You can pull the rods and roll them on a flat plate (mirror glass is good) to check for bends, flat spots, etc. Not something that easy to fix yourself, but good for diagnostics.

It’s a hassle. For me, it was worth the half hour or so. I also have lots of experience working on machinery, so second nature to tear into it. You’ll have to make that call for yourself.

Thanks! When I get time I will do this. Thanks.

I had the same problem. The laser was sitting too high in the adjusting cradle. I lowered it till it hit the material and lifted it about 5mm. Fixed.