Atezr P10 Combo KR Standard Roller Rotary Settings

Hi, I’m using an Atezr P10w Combo with the included KR Standard Roller Rotary, and you can’t read the screenshots in the manual they are blurred, and all the guidance I can find for the settings are 50mm per rotation and 16mm Roller Diameter, but when I ran my initial burn test it barely rotated the material and burned it in almost a single line. I then ran a rotary test and realized it only rotated 50% so I bumped up the setting to 100 mm per, and it test rotated all the way around, but when I did another test engrave it barely rotated again, so I just kept bumping up the rotation mm setting, I finally ended up bumping the rotation all the way to 1275mm per rotation and finally almost got a perfect burn.

Does this sound normal, and/or is it just something you have to continually play with or am I doing something wrong?


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