Atomstack A10 Pro Home Coordinates are wrong

I am fresh with Atomstack and laser engraving but managed to configure and connect my Mac with A10 Pro on LightBurn.

Made some cuts and I had a problems with them

I found out that I have the zero position -451 x -451 y at home.

so I checked the console settings

I have a limit switch and its turned on so checked $# also

I changed G92 when the graver was at zero position but after when I move or press the home switching back to -451

my $$ settings

I tightened the belts checked it everything works fine I also use the focus plate before engraving and cutting I already have a good settings for some 3mm Polywood :smiley:

ohh and I also have the home left bottom corner

So maybe after eliminating some problem possibilities somebody met with a same issue and can maybe help here.

A few questions. Please try to address every one or otherwise indicate if you’re not certain about the question.

  1. Did you add the limit switches to your machine or did they come with them?
  2. Does your machine actually home correctly? If not, what exactly is happening when you try to home? Please describe all movement.
  3. What prompted you to issue G92?
  4. Can you confirm that your jogging controls in Move window work correctly? Up goes up, down goes down, right goes right, and left goes left?
  5. Please provide the following:
    5a. Full screenshot of LightBurn with a design loaded
    5b. Screenshot of Edit->Device Settings
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Good Morning!

  1. There is 2 “stopper” how they call it on the machine and it came with it
  2. When I press home it moved to the left bottom corner as its sat up but try to goes over on that position and after 2-3 sec comes the error ALARM 9
  3. I issued the G92 because when the machine is at home position supposed to be at 0,0 instead its at -451,-451 as the picture also shows above
  4. The controls works perfectly in all directions
    5a. A design loaded

5b device settings

Can you run the following in Console and then return output:


You can just copy and paste the text from Console in a reply. No need for a screenshot.

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When reset it everything goes to zero I had the same suggestion from Atomstack just an hour ago. Just a full factory reset. It keeps the settings as soon as I don’t restart LightBurn or the machine then I have to repeat the process. It goes nicely to home than zero position is -5,-5 now. I make some test cuts now to see if its improved.












So an update ! Now works perfectly fine!

Found out that Atomstack Quality Control lacks some experience a couple screws were loose where shouldn’t be around the top motor and the top reel limit switch trigger screw was also missing. I never checked them because they should be there from the factory.

Thank you berainlb as I went through the troubleshooting process I saw it!

Makes a lovely perfect cut now!

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