Atomstack a10 pro optics


After one year of using atomstack a10 pro, which was terrible, because of lack of power, and unstable work, machine finally died. I was trying to find out what happened, so i remove focus lens. I was shocked, when i found that all optical system inside is mounted on snot of weak glue. Two lenses fell out, and third was moving inside. Of course i send pics to the support. They suggest to send them parameters of machine, which i send them in main mail.
Anybody got scheme of optical system in atomstack a10 pro? Or should i throw it away instantly?

I don’t think you can repair such an optics. You need laboratory precision in aligning the mirrors to have a working spot again, chances are close to zero that you can manage this (I guess).
Of course, you can upload some pictures of the inside here, for educational purposes and maybe some people can assist.