Atomstack A10 Pro (S10/X7) switches off Laser. Defective?

Today I received my A10 Laser. Everything works very nicely.
But there is one quirk I don´t know is normal. When I “fire” the laser from lightburn at 1% for targetting, the laser swittches off again after 15-30 seconds.
I can immeidately fire it again, so it´s probably not overheating or something similar.

Update: This seems not to happen wenn I continually move the laser via the buttons. Is this a safety feature?

Can anyone with one of these lasers confirm this is normal behaviour or did I get a broken device?

Thanks people!

Just for future reference, Atomstack support seems to suggest, that this is normal behaviour:

Yes, suggest you to turn off the fire immediately once you finish using this function, that is just a function making you to locate the engraving, commonly, 5 seconds is enough, you could do it again if needed.

Someone I asked, who also has one of those Lasers, told me, that his laser does not show this behaviour.
But then it is very possible, that I have a more recent firmware version.

Another Update: I actually confirmed, that it is the controller that is switchting off the laser (bug or feature, your guess is as good as mine). The PWM signal from the controller to the laser actually goes from the configured (Laser strength %) duty cycle to zero.

Are you saying this only occurs if the laser is not moving and the laser is firing? So not framing, not moving, just still? If so, I could see this being a fire prevention mechanism which is a good thing. But could make focus testing a bit of a pain.

Yes, exactly as you say it. And I think it really is about safety. Would be nice if they documented something like that tho…
As the laser is a fixed focus unit, there is not much to do in terms of focus testing. But i still consider it annoying. They could at least have disabled this for laser power under 5% or something.

Even with fixed focus systems you may want to confirm actual ideal focus distance since there are variations in manufacturing or if you’re simply measuring dot size or shape. I suppose if this ever prevents a fire from lost communication you’ll be grateful to have it though.