Atomstack A10 (X7 Pro) Wobble and skipping steps. Possible to upgrade?

I recently purchased an Atom stack A10 (X7 Pro) and while I’m impressed with the 10w laser I’m struggling with it’s accuracy. I had an old Emblazer v1 and that was much more stable. I’ve spent hours trying to adjust the belts and eccentric tensioner wheels but there doesn’t seem to be any combination that doesn’t have an issue. If I make the wheel too tight, the motors skip steps, this occurs at almost any speed. If I make the wheel too loose I get wobble at speeds over 1500mm/min (25mm/sec)
See Image:

There doesn’t seem to be a sweet spot where neither of these issues happen. I tried lubricating the rails but that didn’t change anything. If there’s anything left to adjust please let me know.

I’m open to upgrading parts of the engraver but I don’t know what would be most effective.
New wheels?
New belts?
New stepper motors?
For upgrading stepper motors what all do I need to consider? The current ones are labeled nema17 42bygh34h y 27d
How can I tell how much power my board has to drive motors? The board is labeled Laserbox ESP32 1.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you also checked your pinions to see if they are securely fastened to the stepper shaft? It looks like you may be getting backlash at least on the Y motor.

I was able to tighten the screws on the pinions a bit more, but it doesn’t seem to be printing any differently. Sill getting similar problems no matter how I adjust the eccentric.

Design a job with just a circle and run it. Do the ends of the circle meet? If not, likely a backlash issue.

How have you tensioned the eccentric? They should be just tight enough to remove any vertical play of the gantry, but not overtightened.

I have tried numerous adjustments to the eccentric nuts, if they are tight then I get skipped lines and the ends of circle don’t meet. As I slowly loosen the eccentric (loosen by a small amount, run the same job again) wobble starts to creep in, by the time the eccentrics are loose enough that I don’t get the skipped lines, the wobble is bad.

Then I’m pretty sure you have independent issues going on. Tighten the eccentric nuts just enough to remove the vertical play.

Then locate the source of your backlash. I’d encourage you to revisit the pinions. Make sure there is absolutely no play or slipping of the pinion on the stepper shaft. There are likely 2 grub screws that are used to secure the pinion. Make sure one is secured against the flat portion of the shaft and the other one tightened after that. Does your laser have a coupling that attaches 2 sides of the Y-axis? If so, review that for backlash as well.

You need to remove as much backlash out of the system as possible. Your gantry should feel like one solid piece if you push it manually up and down.

Remove all slack from belts as well.

Hi, received the X7 Pro last week and notice wobbles too.
I managed to lessen the problem, I didn’t do anything on the wheels, pinions or belts.
I was engraving very low, like thin plywood directly on my table.
I noticed the laser module was wobbly and reajusted the metal plate holding it. 3 positions are possible, I went with the middle one and elevated the material to engrave so that the module “rails” are completely within the plate “rails”.

Test Before

Test After

For both Speed is Set to 1500mm/min
Still not perfect but somehow acceptable for me.

Hope it helps