Atomstack A20 Pro renders the font corrupt

Greetings from Türkiye. I, Yunus, am primarily writing through translation, as there may be some errors in expression in my writing. I need your very important help. I have Atomstack a20 pro. I have been using it for 1 year and have been encountering problems while writing and engraving for the last 2 weeks. It outputs corrupted text. Previously, he could write and engrave without any problems.

1st image is the corrupted text that has now been cut
In the 2nd picture, I can get a better result when I reduce the speed by half.

lightburn settings in picture 1

Lightburn settings in the 2nd picture

The speed has dropped by half.

How can I solve this problem?

This looks like a mechanical issue. I guess one of the screws, wheels, or belts have become loose or has worn out. Check everything carefully:

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I will check it today.

thanks a lot. As you said, the problem was caused by mechanical side tire loosening. It got better when I made it tense.

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