Atomstack A20 Pro to less Laser Output Power


I have the following problem
I have an Atomstack A20 Pro with 20 Watt laser output power,
but I have the feeling that the laser does not deliver the power.

When I hear from friends that they can cut 3mm MDF boards with their Ellagoo 20 Watt laser at 300mm/min and 100% power in one pass, I am further away from that.

I have done various tests. The lens has been freshly cleaned and everything has been cleaned and yet I can only cut 3mm MDF boards in one pass at 100mm/min at 100% power.

The Atomstack A20 Pro is brand new, only used it for 10 hours.

What I have noticed is that even if I set the power to 100%, I can increase the laser power up to 200% in the Move menu during cutting and apparently the laser power then also becomes stronger.

This surprises me, I thought if I cut something with 80% laser power I can increase the power during cutting but to a maximum of 100% and no more. But it seems to me that I can increase the power even at 100% laser power.

Where is the error in my thinking?

When configuring my laser, I only connected it to the USB cable and pressed search, nothing more. Do I have to configure the power somehow or is it throttled to XX% by default in Light Burn?

Maybe someone here can help, I don’t understand it.

Greetings Per

First, check the type of the laser that was recognized. Make sure it is “grbl” and not “grbl-m3”. In the latter case, the s-value max is set to 255 (device settings window) usually. Since your laser most likely uses 1000 as max value, you are only using 25% of the maximum power. So set the s-value to 1000 as well (even check if your device type is grbl already.
Next, show your settings windows, this will help in judging the problem.

Hi Melvin
thx for the info
I did find a video where the guy entered in the console $$ and saw the parameter in console window and there the parameter 30 is important and this was on 1000
This value I did enter in lighburn in the settings for the laser cutter and now :slight_smile:
I have much more power.

I found a video on youtube and they did explain.

Now I´m happy

thx for the hint

best Regards


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