AtomStack A24 Pro Not Homing

Thank you. Do you know how to get AtomStack to respond? It’s been weeks since my last request to them…

Sorry, the only advice I can offer is to try messaging them again. They may be a bit backed up due to Chinese New Year.

Hi. I had exactly same issue - not homing (I have Atomstack X24 Pro which is probably same machine for EU market???).

Homing was not working from Lightburn and also in Mobile app. Only sounds from motors.

BUT suddenly now it is working in mobile app and in Lightburn too - but I do not know why?

I’m using GRBL protocol to connect (do not use GRBL-M3 or GRBL-LPC - they do not work properly as I tested them too).

I also sugest to hardcode Red Cross pointer offset directly in mobile app not in Lightburn - see description here

Thank you. I’ll check that out.

Still struggling to get a real response from AtomStack. I wish I had bought another brand. So frustrating!

I discovered homing issue probably. Are you using Atomstack Mobile App?

There is option Autofocus - when I turn Autofocus ON than homing is not working.

Autofocus must be OFF - I suppose that this laser do not have Autofocus function at all, because there is no Z motors for setting height.

And about support - I wrote messages to without any response. But when I used chat on then I had answers by email iusually in 24 hours.

And also on my PC auto-discovery of laser (Find my laser function in Lightburn) did not work, but in second PC it worked and used protocol GRBL-LPC. And so far it seems without any trouble. So GRBL-LPC also should work ok.

With the engraver turned off, slowly and gently move the head of the laser engraver in each of the four directions by hand to confirm that it moves freely, with no mechanical binding.

It is important that this is done slowly because power can be generated by moving the motor.

If the engraver was dropped shortly after assembly, the motor driver on the control board could have been damaged by the electricity produced if the gantry or module moved suddenly.

Thank you Martin!

I am not using the app as I find it cumbersome at best. I think it was written by a young child.

I’ve tried GRBL and GRBL-LPC as well and both function the same. The AtomStack documentation, what little there is, states to use GRBL, the auto-discovery in LightBurn suggests GRBL-LPC so kind of confusing.

Most everything could be avoided with some good documentation. The technical support at AtomStack is ridiculous! They apparently know nothing about the machines the sell.

The last thing I got out of their technical support was to disconnect the door switches. Not exactly sure how that would ever have anything to do with homing. The machine moves it just will not find the home switches. It does however ‘beep’ when a limit is reached…

I would advise anyone looking at entry level laser engravers to look elsewhere.

In fact if someone mentions AtomStack I would suggest they RUN!


This seems contradictory.

Are you comparing homing behavior (not moving) to a moving / Jog behavior in the Move window?

The Move window speed is likely set lower than the firmware maximum and the Default Homing behavior attempts to move at the max speed.

The $110 (max speed) and $120 (acceleration) settings seem wildly high and overdriving the stepper motors may be causing the motor to skip.

If you’re inclined to test this posit, please enter the following commands from the Console window in LightBurn and press Enter after each command:

Please report back with your observations.

Thank you. It moves just find. It only will not home as it was advertised

Thank you John

I changed the parameters and the machine still will not seek the home position.

After a timeout I get the Alarm 9.