Atomstack A3: filling mode

Hello everyone,

When I run my engraving, the lines are super fast as it sails over the entire surface.
However, with the infill it makes horizontal lines and it is quite slow if the area is large.
So I would like to know if there is an option in LightBurn that would burn item by item and not line by line.

To make me understand better, suppose I have two icons, one on each side of my 40cm long surface.
It will start engraving on both icons at the same time starting from the bottom.
Is there an option to finalize one icon before the other?

So you’re trying to accomplish finishing circle #1 first before starting on #2 correct?

There are options under the Cuts/Layers. If you choose “Fill all shapes at once” it will do what it needs to on both before starting the second part of what it’s supposed to do.

My example is simple but I think it illustrates what you are explaining I think.

Choose “Fill Groups together” if you have two separate designs. Or Fill shapes individually" to get the desired effect. You can preview this before you cut.


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